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Vlinders aan de Vliet is a tropical indoor butterfly jungle Zoo.

The garden is situated in a 1600m2 greenhouse in Leidschendam near The Hague, The Netherlands. Please give us a call for further information. We are delighted to help you in English.

Opening hours:

Seasonal: 16 February - 3 November 2024

Mondays are we closed

Tuesday t/m Saturday 10:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:00 - 17:00


It is not necessary to make a reservation for small groups.


Adults 13 t/m 99 years                 € 9,95 p.p.

Kids 3 t/m 12 years                      € 6,95 p.p.

Group tariff (20 p.p.)                    € 7,50 p.p. (reservation)

Education tariff (school classes)    € 6,- kid / € 6,- adult (reservation)


We also have season-tickets and gift cards. Please ask at the front desk.


Jungle-Coffee corner:

Drinks                           € 2,- - € 3,20 p.p.

cakes/chips                   € 2,- p.p.

Ham / cheese toast        € 3,80 p.p.

Poffertjes                      € 4,- p.p.

Icecream                       € 1,90 - € 3,50 p.p.


* Wheelchair accessible

* No bags allowed

* Photographers limited allowed

* Free parking

* No dogs allowed


Our rules:

  1. No running

  2. Be quiet

  3. Do not touch the butterflies

  4. Do not touch the animals

  5. Do not touch the food of the animals

  6. Children must be accompanied by an adult

  7. Stay on the paths

  8. Picknick is allowed on the outside picknick area

  9. Food and drinks are not allowed in the garden

10.Walking at higher paths at own risk

11.Bags are not allowed in the garden

12.Not allowed to take animals/plants from the garden

     (the staff is allowed to check pockets during/after visit)

 Thank you for understanding.



Phone: 0031 (0)6-13668833                    


Member of: IABES and Dutch small zoological gardens association (Dier en Park).

Vlinders aan de Vliet
"Please give us a call
for further information.
We are delighted to help you in English."
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